May 9 is a day that will forever remain in the memory of history. The day of the Great Victory symbolizes the heroism and selfless feat of the older generation on the battlefield and in the rear for the sake of a bright future. Those years, when not only the front-line soldiers, who were in the midst of fire and fire, but also all the people in the distant rear, were immersed in the wall, have not yet been forgotten in their minds.
On the eve of the defender of the Fatherland Day and the Great Victory Day, employees of the Department of the agency for Civil Service affairs in Atyrau region and the branch of the Academy in Atyrau region visited the home of a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Yesen Taskinbayev, and congratulated him on this significant date.
The veteran shared his impressions of his hard work in the rear, the support he provided to his compatriots during the difficult winter, and the long-awaited Great Victory.
In turn, employees of the Department and the Branch noted that our veterans will never forget their hard work in difficult conditions. He also noted that their moral and moral life is an example for the younger generation. And the old man gave a blessing to the visitors, saying his wishes.