“ Civil servants of local and central executive bodies visited Atyrau Regional Museum of local lore within the framework of the 5-day seminar “State language policy: writing and speaking skills”.
We got acquainted with the scientific fund of the museum, which includes the general and modern history, archeology, ethnography, nature of the region, exhibition and Exhibition work.
In addition, the museum’s valuable exhibits
– “Mysterious era”
– “Ethnography”
– “Archeology”
– “Nature of the region”
– “History of the Region XII – I half of the XX centuries”
– “The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945”
– “Culture and literature of the region”
– “Independence Of Kazakhstan”
the exhibition halls were not left without attention.
The museum staff introduced us to the ancient heritage, shared valuable information that contributed to the spiritual enrichment of visitors.