“We are a team”

“We are a team”

For the successful functioning of any team, its harmony is an important point. Only a united team will achieve success and reach new heights.

On the eve of the new academic year , in order to cheer up, strengthen the team spirit and improve the effectiveness of the team, we held a team building on the theme “We are a team”!  Psychologist Anar Nurlanovna Shekeeva gave various tasks to the teams and asked logical questions in the direction of developing skills in solving common problems in the team.

Formation and strengthening of corporate culture;
Development of critical thinking; improvement of communication skills;
Develop skills through team decision-making tactics and strategies for completing a task;
Logical questions;
Interesting tasks;
Working in a group.

These measures will contribute to teamwork, responsibility, trust in each other and corporate spirit, revealing the personal qualities and talents of colleagues, in some cases leadership qualities.

We will achieve new victories! We are together!